Evil Eye Protection Jewelry From Turkey: Meaning and Symbolism

Evil Eye Protection Jewelry From Turkey: Meaning and Symbolism

As you browse the open-air markets and bazaars of Turkey, your eye is inevitably drawn to the ubiquitous nazar amulets and evil eye jewelry on display. From simple glass beads to elaborate metal pendants encrusted with sapphires, these talismans have protected wearers for centuries. Learn about the fascinating history and meaning behind the motifs as you explore the evil eye's transformation from folklore to fashion. Discover how different materials from glass to precious stones imbue these protective pendants with symbolic power. Let the striking blues of an evil eye ring or necklace be your guide into the captivating world of Turkish spiritual jewelry.

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What Is the Evil Eye?

The evil eye is an ancient superstition that a malevolent glare can cause harm or misfortune. In many cultures, including Turkish culture, the evil eye is believed to cause bad luck, illness, or injury. To ward off the evil eye, many Turks wear or carry talismans known as nazar boncuk, which feature blue and white eyes.

The Meaning of the Evil Eye Symbol

The eye symbol featured on nazar boncuk represents the evil eye itself. The blue color is meant to reflect negative energy away from the wearer. The beads are thought to absorb the evil from the glare of the malevolent person and prevent it from affecting the individual. The white of the eye stands for purity and protection. By wearing the nazar boncuk, one hopes to divert misfortune brought about by the evil eye.

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The Power of the Color Blue

In Turkish culture, the color blue is thought to protect against the evil eye. Blue glass, like that used in the eye-shaped amulets, is believed to reflect negative energy and protect the wearer. For this reason, you will often see blue accents on Turkish architecture, textiles, and other decorations. The blue protects against outside threats, including the threat of the evil eye.

The evil eye has a long history in Turkey and many Turks still believe in its power today. By wearing nazar boncuk, one can display their faith in this protection against the glare of the malevolent, as well as show a connection to ancient beliefs and cultural traditions. The simple yet meaningful eye motif remains a popular talisman and symbol throughout Turkey.

The History and Significance of the Turkish Evil Eye

The evil eye amulet, known as the nazar boncuğu in Turkish, has been used for centuries to ward off the evil eye curse. The earliest known examples date back to the Chalcolithic and Neolithic periods in Anatolia, between 6000 to 3000 BCE. The eye symbol was thought to deflect malicious gazes and protect the wearer.

Over time, the nazar boncuğu became an important part of Turkish culture and folklore. It is one of the most popular souvenirs in Turkey today, with the eye motif adorning everything from jewelry and home decor to keychains and phone cases. The color blue is most commonly used, as it is believed to symbolize goodness, purity and protection.

The Meaning Behind the Eye Motif

The eye pattern featured on the amulets represents an eye that is always watching, protecting the owner from harm. The circular shape of the amulet also signifies continuity and wholeness. The lively, bright shades of blue are meant to attract the gaze of the evil eye so that its curse does not affect the wearer.

How the Amulets Offer Protection

The nazar boncuğu is thought to work by absorbing, defusing or reflecting the evil gaze through the power of the eye symbol and the color blue. The amulets are meant to either distract the evil eye or blind it so that it cannot focus on the subject it means to curse. By wearing the symbol of the nazar boncuğu, a person is thought to remain shielded from misfortune and protected in the watchful gaze of the amulet's benevolent eye.

Wearing or displaying a nazar boncuğu is believed to offer protection and good fortune. This meaningful symbol of Turkish culture and its rich history continues to spread around the world.

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Common Evil Eye Jewelry Motifs and Their Meanings

The evil eye symbol is one of the most popular motifs used in Turkish jewelry. Several common designs represent protection from harm and negative forces.

The Nazar

The Nazar, or evil eye bead, is one of the most well-known symbols. This vibrant blue bead features an eye symbol meant to reflect the evil gaze back to the onlooker. The Nazar is thought to originate from ancient Mesopotamia, where the color blue was thought to have protective powers. Today, the Nazar can be found on necklaces, bracelets, keychains and other jewelry.

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The Hamsa

The Hamsa, or hand of God, is another common motif. This charm depicts an open hand meant to ward off evil and bring good fortune. The Hamsa originally comes from ancient Middle Eastern iconography and can feature eye symbols in its palm. Many Turkish jewelers will create Hamsa necklaces and bracelets adorned with blue Nazar beads or other eye charms.

Crescent Moon and Star

The star and crescent moon, common symbols of Islam, are also frequently used in evil eye jewelry. A crescent moon with an eye in the center is meant to invoke divine protection from harm. The star is a symbol of good luck thought to guide away misfortune. Together, the crescent moon and star represent holistic protection watched over by the universe and heavens.


Colorful gemstones like carnelian, bloodstone, and tiger's eye are also popular in evil eye jewelry. Their vibrant hues are meant to attract and reflect the evil gaze, while the stones themselves have properties believed to protect the wearer. Gemstone beads are often paired with eye charms on necklaces and bracelets or carved into circular amulets.

With its rich history and culture, Turkey offers evil eye jewelry to suit every style. But no matter the motif, all are meant to shield the wearer from misfortune and bring good luck. Wearing these symbolic charms is thought to provide protection and peace of mind in the face of life's uncertainties.

Why Wear Evil Eye Protection Jewelry?

Wearing evil eye protection jewelry is symbolic of warding off the evil eye and protecting oneself from negative energy and jealousy of others. The evil eye motif has been used for centuries in Turkish culture as a talisman believed to deflect evil spirits and bad luck.

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Protection From Envy and Ill Will

The evil eye is thought to be a malevolent glare that can cause harm or bad luck for the person receiving it. Evil eye jewelry featuring the nazar motif is meant to protect the wearer by absorbing the negative energy from envious or ill-willed looks. The vibrant blue color of the eye-shaped amulet is meant to distract and repel the evil eye.

A Wish for Good Fortune

Beyond protection, evil eye jewelry is also meant to attract good luck and fortune. The nazar motif represents an open eye, meant to symbolize an open and watchful spirit. This openness is meant to invite positivity and prosperity into one's life. The blue color, in particular, is associated with clear skies and open waters, representing clarity, tranquility, and opportunity.

A Stylish Cultural Tradition

For many, wearing evil eye jewelry is a way to proudly display one's cultural heritage and traditions. The nazar motif is an iconic Turkish symbol that has become popular globally. High-quality sterling silver evil eye jewelry allows one to adopt this cultural tradition in a stylish and fashionable way. Whether of Turkish descent or not, wearing evil eye jewelry is a way to appreciate a rich cultural tradition that still holds meaning today.

In summary, evil eye protection jewelry features an iconic symbol that holds deep meaning. It represents protection, good fortune, and cultural tradition. For many, wearing evil eye jewelry is a stylish way to keep negative energy at bay while inviting positivity into one's life.

The Silver Luna's Turkish Evil Eye Jewelry Collection

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Silver Luna offers an exquisite collection of sterling silver jewelry inspired by the Turkish evil eye symbol. The evil eye is an ancient symbol believed to protect against evil spirits and bad luck. Silver Luna incorporates the evil eye motif into pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings.


Delicate sterling silver pendants featuring the evil eye are available in round or teardrop shapes with blue cubic zirconia stones. According to legend, the color blue wards off the evil eye. These pendants represent protection and good fortune.


Sterling silver bangles and charm bracelets with evil eye charms are popular choices. The charms include the classic round evil eye as well as evil eye charms combined with other spiritual symbols like the hamsa, lotus and om. These bracelets are thought to shield the wearer from misfortune and negativity.

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For those seeking an evil eye motif in a ring, Silver Luna offers sterling silver bands with an evil eye design or a blue cubic zirconia evil eye stone as the centerpiece. The evil eye ring is a constant symbol of security and blessings.


Dangling evil eye earrings and evil eye stud earrings in sterling silver provide the benefits of the talisman in an elegant form. The dangling earrings have the classic evil eye bead or charm that sways as you move, reminding you of its protective power. The stud earrings offer a more subtle evil eye motif that still represents good luck and fortune.

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In summary, Silver Luna provides a wide range of stylish yet meaningful evil eye jewelry. Each carefully crafted piece serves as a symbolic shield against misfortune while also accentuating your personal style. Evil eye jewelry makes a perfect gift for a loved one, as it spreads the positive power of protection and blessings.


As we have explored, evil eye protection jewelry from Turkey is steeped in rich meaning and symbolism. The striking blue evil eye motif found on these talismanic charms represents an ancient belief in the need to ward off bad luck and ill will. When you wear an evil eye pendant or bracelet, you tap into a long tradition of using the power of the evil eye to deflect negativity and harm. Let the beautiful blues and whites of an evil eye ring or necklace remind you to stay positive, and trust that you are protected from envy. With its elegant designs and auspicious purpose, Turkish evil eye jewelry truly makes an eye-catching, meaningful addition to your personal style and spiritual practice.

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