About us

The Silver Luna started in 2017 as a boutique jewelry store on Etsy. As an Etsy star seller, our goal is to create high quality, unique, and affordable jewelry, at the same time providing excellent customer service and an easy online shopping experience for U.S. customers and all over the world. 

Our fine jewelry collection are made from hand-picked and authentic materials such as 925 sterling silver and affordable natural or man-made gemstones that will give the end product a luxurious look and feel without breaking your budget. As we know, you love to change your jewelry every day with your fashion. 

Our fashion jewelry collection consists of up-to-trend designed pieces with a various selection of colors and styles that will match up with your everyday outfits. Each piece is hand-picked and checked for quality before sending to your door. 

We are now launching our own website to give customers a better shopping experience and expand our brand. All orders are shipped from Austin, Texas, U.S.A.