Jewelry Care

How to care for your sterling silver jewelry? 

Since sterling silver jewelry is still subjected to oxidation process, we suggest to store them in a seal plastic bag when you are not wearing. Each piece of sterling silver jewelry will have an anti-tarnishing black sheet in the bag when you purchase, keep it with your jewelry to help slowing down the oxidation process. 

Wearing your sterling silver jewelry every day and to the shower is actually help maintain its shine. But avoid to wear your silver jewelry in sport and gym activities since excessive sweat can speed up oxidation process. Also, avoid to wear to the pool since the water of the pool can make it oxidized as well.

If your sterling silver jewelry get tarnished overtime, you can re-polish it using a polishing cloth or even a shiny nail buffer and it will shine again. Here is where to buy the buffer Amazon 

How to care for alloy metal fashion jewelry?

The alloy metal fashion jewelry has a coating that can come off over time causing them to be tarnished. This is unavoidable, but you can wear them longer if you take care of them well. Do not wear them to shower and gym activities. Put them in a seal plastic bag when you are not wearing.