What is 925 sterling silver jewelry?

What is 925 sterling silver jewelry?

The stamp 925 on sterling silver jewelry stands for its metal component. Sterling silver is made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5 % copper. Pure silver is too soft to make jewelry, so it is mixed with the small amount of other metals such as copper to make it harder, without losing its flexibility. Because of these characteristics, 925 sterling silver is ideal for making jewelry.

The pros of 925 sterling silver jewelry

925 sterling silver jewelry has a striking bright white color and the ability to emit a sparkling metallic luster like gold. Therefore, jewelry made from this material has a shiny, sparkling, and outstanding beauty. The silver jewelry enhances wearer’s beauty, creating confidence, and attracts other’s attention.

925 sterling silver has a superior hardness compared to pure silver, so crafting delicate jewelry becomes easier. The Silver Lunar’s jewelers can make every millimeter precise on each piece. At the same time, we can freely create designs and styles using this material with endless ideas and passion.

With the flexibility of 925 sterling silver jewelry, wearers can always make themselves stand out with their own styles. From a minimalist style to a wild, youthful, and seductive style, all can be embellished and transformed by the prestigious 925 sterling silver.

The cons of 925 sterling silver jewelry

Just like other types of metal, 925 sterling silver will tarnish after a period of use. Depending on the wearer’s sweat type and the exposed environment, this material can degrade quickly or slowly. However, making this silver shine again is very simple, you can do it right at home. You can retrieve the shine of silver using a silver polishing buffer (please note the buffer may not be suitable for gold plate sterling silver as it can remove the gold plating).

925 sterling silver is normally safe for sensitive skin, but if you are extremely allergic to copper, it may be not a suitable metal for you. Stainless steel (surgical steel) jewelry can be a better option.

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